Back Pain

Research has shown that most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. For some of us, this will go on to become a chronic debilitating condition. Dr Wen is an expert at treating back pain.

Neck pain

Injury and postural problems are the most common causes of neck pain. Other causes include trauma, stress...or simply falling asleep in an awkward position! Dr Wen can make the pain go away.

Shoulder Pain

Taking a tablet or rubbing in some anti-inflammatory cream is not enough. We see many patients with shoulder pain and they all feel better after seeing Dr Wen. Make an appointment and get treated today.


With many headaches originating from the structures of the neck, experienced chiropractor Dr Wen is able to identify and relieve headaches behind the eyes, on the top of the head, or just behind the ears.

gibraltar chiropractor dr wen oates can treat your back pain TODAY

About Dr Wen Oates and GibChiropractor

Dr Wen studied and trained at Europe's premier Chiropractic College, the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England, graduating with a Master's Degree with Merit. She, therefore, knows more about your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles than almost any other health practitioner you can mention. Dr Wen was owner and Principal Chiropractor at highly successful clinics in Poole, England and Lagos, Portugal. She is now here in Gibraltar and you can find her at Watergardens Dental Care on Waterport Road.

If you're looking for a chiropractic clinic in Gibraltar with a gentle, qualified, experienced and trusted wellness Chiropractor to take away your pain and get you moving properly again, then look no further than Gibraltar Chiropractor Dr Wen Oates DC MChiro.

Get treated TODAY. Call +350 540 74473 or book an appointment online.

Mostly, it's because chiropractors are real Doctors and we know what we're doing!

We've studied for more than four years to know more about your spine, joints and muscles than anybody else.

We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and leg pain. In fact, ANY musculoskeletal pain - if it involves a bone or a muscle, chiropractic care can help. We have also been successful in treating patients with

  • sciatica
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • sleep disorders

We treat people of all ages and from all walks of life. If you sit in our Waiting Room, you're likely to hear many different accents...we see patients from the UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the US.

Many are ex-pats living here in Gibraltar permanently. Others are holidaymakers coming to the Rock for a well-earned break, only to put their necks and backs out on a cramped flight or sleeping in a strange bed.

And all of them looking for the best chiropractic care in Gibraltar.

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Will Chiropractic Care Help Me?

Probably. Chiropractic treatment involves safe, gentle and specific manipulation and mobilisation techniques that free joints and restore 'normal' motion. Once mobility is restored, aches and pains are significantly reduced, muscles and ligaments relax and blood flow is increased to the affected areas


Golfers usually come to us struggling with lower back or shoulder pain...or the dreaded Golfer's Elbow! Dr Wen always gets them back on the course and onto the 19th quickly!


Most of the sailors that come to see us have back pain and struggle to move...trying to fix engines and rudders by manouvering into small spaces is the main reason for seeing Dr Wen.


Again, it's back pain that's the main culprit. Hip, knee and elbow pain are also problem areas, which British chiropractor Dr Wen Oates can help relieve or get rid of altogether.

Retired Expats

Most come to see us for monthly 'maintenance'...once the original complaint has been treated, they come back regularly to keep joints and muscles moving properly.


Most struggle in with back or neck pain after a cramped flight or sleeping in a strange position on an uncomfortable bed.


Restaurant, hotel, office and shop workers are our main visitors, with most of them suffering from back or shoulder pain...but Dr Wen has them back at work in no time!

How Much Will It Cost?

Initial Consultation & Treatment

Comprehensive physical examination, posture check and your first treatment

Usually £70, but to celebrate the opening of our Chiropractic Suite, we are offering 20% OFF until November

£ 56

Subsequent Treatments

£ 40

Put yourself in safe hands

Contact us today and discover an effective, drug-free approach to better health. Gentle British chiropractor Dr Wen Oates DC MChiro is now in Gibraltar.

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Happy Patients

The following comments are from GibChiropractor patients who think Dr Wen is the best thing since sliced bread! We'd like to thank them for their very kind words, which are reproduced below...


If it hurts when you turn your head, if you've got a shooting pain down your leg or you're feeling a twinge in your back, get in touch with us and we'll arrange a convenient time for you to come in and see us at our clinic in Watergardens Dental Care. We can then give you the best chiropractic care in Gibraltar.

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